Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Bug and Baby Bear

Sometimes when I'm getting dressed, Little Bug paws at the side of the bed for me to lift her up. She is ordinarily very nimble and quick but my bed is set a bit too high. As I dressed I noticed she copped-a-squat right near Baby Bear (from Goldilocks and the 3 bears, crocheted by my mom at about 1970.)

I guess the girl started to get bored, or tired, 'cuz she needed to lay down.

But not for too long, UP pops her head.

Uht! down again. (she's so freakin' cute)

Then a walk down the bed to be closer to me and do a belly up for tummy rubs. 

She's so spoiled. 


  1. Bug is adorable and spoiled and a very lucky girl to have a fantastic vintage quilt and afghan to roll around on! I hope Hanzie is getting his dose of love, too, Bug looks like a tough sister to compete with!

  2. God, she IS adorable!!!
    It's like those Mastercard commercials...priceless.
    The other day everyone was going CRAZY in my house, running back and forth and I called to them to go outside. Jimmy came running full force with a stuffed snake, which I grabbed before they got outside and shooed them all out and then dropped the snake to the floor. Then out of the corner ofmy eye, I see Rosie tiptoeing out from under the table, grab the snake and gallop out of the room with glee.
    God, I love that old tiny silly girl!
    Funny how our dogs can be the happiest part of our day sometimes! :D

  3. OMG. We keep returning to this post to admire the cuddliness...doesn't Little Bug want to come live in Maine...? I think that's what she told me once when you weren't listening......

    1. I think she said she'd like to visit, leaving her there would probably not be an option for her or me, although you do have a fire for her to lay by. She likes that.

      Olive might get her knickers in a twist because you wouldn't help but to pay way too much attention to Bug and then you'd remember, 'oh yeah, I have another dog'! LOL


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