Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Howie

Howie came into the rescue because his owners didn't trust him with their new baby. Howie ruled the roost, he wouldn't get off the chair for the human to sit down, he was aggressive toward other dogs while on a leash, he couldn't be crated and he nipped at men's ankles when they were leaving.

This is a case of wrong human to dog match up. The owner did admit that she felt a lot of it was her fault. She was worried how he would be in my home with other dogs.

He's a gem. Everybody loves him.

This is not a new scenario with dogs coming in. The owners checked in to see how he was doing and they couldn't believe it was the same dog.

Howie went into the crate for me no problem, the first day and each day that followed until he got to where it was no longer necessary for him to be crated, he was so well behaved. He got along fine with my other dogs, except when Bug tried to take his food from him...he really wasn't into that...and she can be a bully.

He is a little bit alpha but not enough to be top dog over Bug. He just needed boundaries and guidance, he needed a leader. He listens well, is being taught to keep it to a low grumble when he is on the leash and either a human or a dog comes into his territory, and he's genuinely interested in meeting other dogs and humans.

He has bonded strongly with R. He is bonded with me, but different in a 'man' way with R.

Howie is a strong boy. He's 6 years old and can be a bit stubborn, but is obedient. He takes snacks gently and now that he's used to Bug, they chase each other around the yard. She will still get in his face now and again, and he'll grumble at her if she's in his way, but then they'll play.

Whomever adopts him will be lucky to have him.

This is when foster care is such a positive thing. He was purchased as a puppy and it just happened to not be a good match with his owners. With fostering, the foster parent will be able to find the right match for both human and dog. I will be able to screen potential adopters to make sure Howie gets what he needs.


  1. Replies
    1. Sue, he is incredibly handsome. The picture doesn't do him justice. He is barrel chested and has a great Schnauzer profile.

    2. Nice ear crop too. He most likely didn't come from any pet shop or BYB. Wish I was ready for another.

    3. I'll look at his records to see where he came from, definitely has to be a quality breeder, I'd be surprised if it's a BYB...and I was thinking the same thing....about you being ready for another. ;)

  2. He's got a strong Schnauzer profile, I bet he'll do really well with some obedience training if he has that type of personality, he has a strong desire to please.

    1. Absolutely John, he can be a little stubborn, but more in laziness rather than being obstinate.


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