Monday, December 17, 2012

He Came, He Went

Mr. Shadow went home yesterday. It was a quick visit here and now he is off to new adventures. A retired gentleman that has been looking for a Schnauzer and would only stop looking when he found a Schnauzer, drove 4 hours to my house yesterday from upstate New York to pick Shadow up. Shadow will be with him 24/7 like his last dog was for 14 years. He was so thrilled to have a Schnauzer again. They say, once you own a Schnauzer you will always have a Schnauzer if you have a dog. I have found this to be true and Phillip is a devoted Schnauzer lover.

I called one of his references who just happened to be his ex-wife and boy, did she sing his praises. How can you get a better recommendation than that? She told me he carved a head of a Schnauzer from a piece of wood and attached it to the top of his mailbox, that's how much he loved his Toby.

I think Shadow will be very happy and is in good hands. 

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