Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why Hello Louie!

Louie is a 4 year old Schnauzer (I can't say 'Miniature' Schnauzer because he's 34 pounds, which, technically puts him over the weight of the standard weight measurements for a Miniature.)

Best of all is that he is a sweety. A gentle boy with eyes that melt you.

He is Parti Color in grey and white.

Louie came to me because his parents are moving to Florida and the place they are moving into does not accept dogs.

I was told that he knows many commands and does them without repeatedly asking him to do it. I have not tested him on this, yet, as he is still in a traumatic/perplexed state of mind. Plus, he won't walk on my wood floors. The idea of it scares him silly, so he stays on his large dog bed. I did put it close to the door where there is also a runner for him to step on but there is one corner of wood floor that he 'might' step on so, therefore, he backs off from going outside. Boy he can hold his pee for a very long time. So yesterday I pulled out a couple of bath mats and covered more of the floor with them and this has helped him make his way to the door to go out. This strikes me as odd because he came from a home where he would walk on tile. But he just looks at the floor and gets nervous.

I'm hoping that some gentle coaxing/training will eventually help. In the meantime, he'll get food rewards when he puts all four paws on the floor. I've started to pick him up, which makes him nervous, and place him in the middle of the floor and feed him some very tasty treats. Then I make a path of treats toward his bed. He very carefully makes his way until the last few steps where he scrambles to safety. I'm hoping that by watching the freedom of the other dogs he will learn that all will be OK. Sometimes other dogs are the best teachers.

Now that I've added Louie to the mix, I have to keep an eye on Otis causing a fight and it also changes Hanz's and Bug's personalities. Add to it that now Bug is feeling like she needs to remind Hanz that she is dominant by mounting him. He never questions her dominancy but she's feeling insecure apparently. But, they're also playing tug-toy more...well, it starts out with play and gets a little more aggressive as it goes along so I have to keep them in check.

Add to it, this heat, and it is definitely the Dog Days of Summer!!

Hope you're able to keep cool!!

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  1. Very interesting guy, hope he finds a great home!


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