Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Silhouette of Crazy Barking Dogs

Whenever I go outside whether it be day or night, Mr. Otis and Little Bug make their way to the window barking their heads off. In the daylight, it's cute (and annoying at the same time) because Otis's little head is peering over the top of the frame, as you've seen from this side.

Well, my neighbor gets such a kick out of it especially when it happens at night. Ed (he lives across the street) was going into his house when I was coming out of mine and he looked back to see these two crazy dogs because they were barking their heads off. He loves this silhouette, so he ran into his house for his camera, came out and took these shots.

It does make me laugh because it is innocent and cute but the barking drives me crazy and the fact that they scratch the heck out of my sofa and window sill -- but that's what paint is for, right?? Oh, and Bug can't really see anything but shadows but that's enough for her.

Crazy kids!


  1. Hmmmm, now I'm wondering if Martha and Isaac will do this at our new place once it's ready since there's a big bay window just perfect for Schnauzers to jump on...

    1. Hey John!! if your sofa or a chair is near the window, I guarantee you'll have the day and night watchers. The film on the window deterred it for quite some time...until Otis came along and outsmarted me and Bug followed suit.

  2. You are lucky that you have a neighbor that laughs.
    I think my neighbor hates me because of my barking dogs but her grandkids that live with her drive ME nuts!
    So we are even, sort of.
    So you don't have curtains? Is it that film you peel and stick?
    I might be stealing this idea for my upstairs window!
    Seems like I'm always stealing your ideas.

    1. I'm fortunate in that all my neighbors are good with my dogs and foster dogs. Ed likes to come over and meet the new ones even though he's a bit nervous. A foster or two have nipped him so I don't blame him. He was one if Hanzie's biggest fans.

      Yes, frosted contact paper stuck to the window. I had tried cafe curtains but Bug wiuld just push it out if the way and go under it. This idea worked until Otis became clever.


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