Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Organized Cupboard

I'm going to start freshening up and changing things in the kitchen. It was never completed after it was started about 5 years ago. I painted the cabinets, reusing the uppers, and had the lowers made. I've been going inside them and deciding what I need or want, and what I don't. I was going to sell some vintage black and white Pyrex (the dot bowl is actually Fire King) but then found a home by editing something else. My non-coordinated vintage Pyrex will make it's way to camp. I was trying to figure out how a tall cabinet would look on a different wall but decided that instead of adding more storage space, use what I have and edit out what I no longer want.  Honestly, these pieces do not get used very often, but I like them.

7.5 cubic foot area = visually pleased.

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