Saturday, July 12, 2014

Black Bears at Camp

The bears are hungry. 

One broke into the garbage shed two nights ago and made the hole -- pparently needing a little leverage as he left his left paw print behind. The next morning my neighbor woke up to find his outside refrigerator cockeyed and unplugged with a paw print on the side and a one point indent from its nail. Yesterday late afternoon the camp staff cleaned out the garbage shed but last night someone threw trash in there and the bears came back for some easy pickings. Although, some eggs were left behind. 

Other friends at a site further from us were sitting out on their deck and from around the corner of the camper a bear came into their site. Fortunately it doesn't take too much too scare them off. 

This morning, my neighbor across the street heard a noise and looked out the window as a bear made it's way across her site. 

When walking at night I mostly don't walk alone or if I absolutely have to, I have a bright flashlight. Nothing like the idea of not seeing a big black thing and walking right into it. Yup, could just be my very active imagination. I always ask R. to walk the dogs. It's dark up here in these woods. 

This keeps a buzz going on in the campground and some interesting stories being told. 

Welcome to camp! :)

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