Sunday, July 26, 2009

New boy in town

It's funny how some dogs will pose for the camera and others avoid it like a rabies vaccine. Jack is of the latter. It doesn't help, I suppose, that he's only 8 months old and very pupppy, but he just didn't like the silver thing pointing at him...and making noise, too? unh, uh. He played me. He'd pose and just when I went to push the button, he'd move. I could see the trickery in his eyes. Silly boy.

Jack is a sweety. I wish I had his carefree personality. He's so not stressed about things, not fearful at all and always looking for some fun. He loves to follow me around and know what I'm doing. He jumps about 5' high, you'd think he was on a spring board. And he scales furniture and human bodies like the best of circus acts. The back of my sofa is about 3" wide with wood making up an inch and a half of it and he walks it better than a gymnast on a balance beam. He's super agile and a lot of fun to watch whether he's playing by himself, engaging my Hanzie, or getting yelled at by my 15 year old Weezie. He would be perfect for agility training -- if you can get him to focus. We're working on the sit/wait before being served his meals and he picked it up pretty quickly. What's great about him compared to others I've taught this is that he actually waits without trying to sneak in as if I'm not watching. He sits there and looks around like "la, la, la...I'd like this food but I'll wait until she says to eat." Hopefully, someone will fall in love and have to have him and will train him and maybe even do some agility work with him. He definitely needs things to do.

It's tough this year for the rescues and shelters. A lot of people are surrendering their dogs because they have to move from their homes into places that won't accept dogs. It's summer, which is always a little difficult because people are vacationing and don't want to get a dog then leave it in a kennel while on vacation. Plus, the economy. People can't afford to keep their dogs due to financial loss. It's all very sad. So, we foster moms and dads are having to keep them with us for a bit longer than what might be usual. (Oh, Jack likes to lick your legs, as he was just licking my ankle. He apparently doesn't remember that I don't like that! LOL) The downside of keeping them for long periods is that they get bonded to the humans and the home life and possibly think they are in their new home. Thankfully, I have found that once the new owner puts the leash on him or her and walks out the door with them, they know they are really going to where they will be forever. Well, we all hope anyway... Never know what the future will bring.


I picked up this dresser, which isn't of the best quality, from a young woman selling stuff before a move.

I knew that when I went to see it, it wasn't really what I was looking for but I felt she could use the money, so I took it anyway. It's been in my garage for a couple weeks taking up space and the place that I wanted it still doesn't have a dresser, so I figured I'd clean it up and use it temporarily until I find what I'm really looking for. This, of course, might take forever because low dressers are either too wide, not my taste, or too expensive....but I have faith that the perfect one will come knocking on my door.

Today, I will put the second coat of paint. Yesterday was nice because I could be outside sanding and painting, but today is so much more humid and it looks like rain so it may take a bit longer than I want for the paint/glaze mix to dry. Yes, I'm feeling a little impatient now that I've made the decision to work with this piece!

Well, there's much more than just painting to do today so I should tally-ho!!

Have a great Sunday!!

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