Monday, August 3, 2009

A-thrifting I will go

I have lots to share of recent finds, but due to unsightly weather lately, pictures have not been great. I sneaked this one out by putting it near the door so light would come in upon it...

Beautious, huh? I had recently been talking about these machines with a friend, she has one, and I think I have an older one, have to get it out of the garage to see for sure. This is a 99-31, and it looks like it was in use right before it was sent to Goodwill. Yup, the spool of thread came on it, just like that. It even has the original manual. This one is from 1954. I'm assuming it's working, but will check it out and get it serviced. 

I was told they are very popular to own. She told me that the quilters in Kentucky use these regularly because they are workhorses. I don't know how those women use them for quilts other than baby quilts, this machine is 2/3 the size of the full-size, the #66. Like how they did that? 99/66 -- flipped the numbers -- I'm thinking it was intentional but would have to do some research to know for sure. I can't imagine quilting a full, queen or king size quilt on this machine.

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  1. I am drooling over your singer. I saw a clothing shop in Paris that had decorated it's entire storefront (which was huge) with shelves of antique sewing machines. There must of been almost 70! I went inside to touch some of them and I'm sure the salespeople thought I was a little crazy.


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