Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miniature Schnauzer LUCY and other SPR news...

check this out: 

I forgot and left Lucy's crate open one day while I was gone. She likes to roam around and get things to hoard, or tear apart apparently. This is my 7'x 7' hallway, the door on the left is to my office and on the right is to my bedroom. The orange blanket is usually under the bed where the dogs sleep. She probably wasn't successful in getting it to her crate in the kitchen because it got a little unwieldy. The zebra stripe was a good size dog bed, located in the living room, why she dragged it this way I don't know. Oh, in case you can't tell....she likes to destuff things, she does it to every toy she hoards. Not right away though, it takes a few days. Look, it seems she likes my Stegmans and R.'s socks, too. I laughed when I saw this --the little pip. I couldn't be mad at her.

Well, she's been in my care now for 5 months and small amounts of progress have been made. She lives in her crate still by choice, only to come out and roam a bit when she thinks I'm not around. 
We've been to the ophthalmologist and she is a candidate for cataract surgery. Right now I am prepping her eyes for it by putting drops in 4x a day, both eyes. After surgery, this protocol continues but it could be with up to 4 or 5 meds. Annnnnnnd, how am I going to work? I can't think about it, I get stressed. 

We have some people that have wanted to donate toward her surgery, so far, I'm not sure of the total amount that is but her surgery will cost up to $2500. Typically, it would be at least a thousand dollars more but the vet is donating her surgical time. When she told me that, I cried. I'm so awful at accepting gifts, this just touched me in so many ways. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. ugh.

We, of course, are hoping that when she has sight she will be able to feel more comfortable in starting to be a dog that enjoys life, then we can hopefully find someone(s) that will have a big heart to take them into their home. Keep fingers crossed. 

One thing I did learn is that when a dog has cataracts, it can be painful due to swelling that occurs. So, if you have a dog that has them, mild or severe, get to the eye vet for some medication, because dogs are stoic and you'll never know by them! The other two girls that came in with Lucy have appointments so we can get some meds. I'm so glad we ventured on this route with Lucy, because I've learned something very important. 

Her surgery is May 3.

Other news...Badger was rehomed and is now named Max. He is very loved and getting lots of attention.
He looks like pretty happy to me!!
Coming next week...12 year old Megan, supposedly a very sweet girl who's owner died. She'll be coming here.

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