Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lucy goes on vacation??

Well, Miss Lucy went to stay with Angela while I'm in Wisconsin (Neosho area if you live in WI) At first, Angela and her family were a little worried in that Lucy wasn't interested in much of anything. Angela's new kitty Reesie wasn't thrilled at first to have her there (although she loves Angela's dog Cassy) Well, apparently Reesie sat vigil next to Lucy's crate the first night. Has had an interest in her since and apparently is really starting to like her being there. Lucy? well, she's kind of has the "what the?" thing going on it looks like....

Lucy actually came out of her crate yesterday and went to the screen door as everyone was eating dinner outside. She went out, roamed around, did her duties and after about 15 minutes, went back inside. Small steps, but steps.

I think she'll be fine and we don't have to worry about her ability to become somewhat comfortable.

Can I just tell you? it's bleeping hot, humid and the air is incredibly thick...I thought it was hot in CT but this is crazy.

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