Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lucy's new eyes...

The camera gave me a reprieve...

Lucy's eyes BEFORE cataract surgery:

Lucy's eyes AFTER surgery:
she's actually giving me the "what the $%&@ are you putting that thing in my face for?" 

Every time the camera made a noise she tried to run and hide in her eyes, but she still gets spooked...we're working on that. 

Today she went up AND DOWN stairs with wooden treads. The first time coming down was on her own, she has a tendency to want to fly over a couple, she found out that doesn't really work in her favor. So when it was time to go down again I sat a few steps before her and she carefully walked each step down with me repeating "eeeeeeaaasy" for each one. She done good!!!

When I was getting things back out to my car, although I tried to thwart it, she scooted out the door. Down the road she went (community of condos, not a well traveled street) and I chased after her, calling her, she didn't care, she pretended not to hear me (Schnauzers are good at that) and off she went. Fortunately, she found something smelling pretty good in a yard and I was finally able to get her to heed my call. Silly girl. 

I wish I could get a picture of her smiling...she looks soooo happy, it's very cute. 


  1. Aww, so cute. Makes me want another pooch!

  2. How wonderful!! what a cute pup :O)

    I can't read your newest post... I really don't want to cry today... I've just managed to avoid crying over at Old Black Cat Boo cos I wouldn't watch her video either!!


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