Saturday, August 27, 2011

Visiting Nantucket

We were invited out again this year to spend a week on Nantucket with our friends Chuck and Carol that have a home there. Chuck likes to take us out to the beaches that you get to via the dunes. Deflate tires, rock and roll in the sand, get to the beautiful beach.

He refers to this beach has 'crab beach' because on the other side of this water way are hundreds of little Fiddler crabs going to and fro and hiding in their holes when we (predators) come along.

Hanz and Bug went with us, Weezie stayed behind visiting with my rescue partner Shelly. Weezie has been to Nantucket quite a few times before when I painted the home over a few winters. With her peeing issue now and her age, it was best that she stay behind.

Hanz and Bug enjoying the sunny morning outside while we read and sipped coffee...

Inside, Hanz and Bella (whom I've posted before while I dog sat for her) pose for the camera.

A sunset from the back deck...

Hanz and Bug enjoying the ferry ride back in the warm sun.

It was a very nice time of relaxation, 'family' dinners, good wine, beaches and sun tans, and at the end of the week, a Demolition Derby they have each year.

Next stop: camp.

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  1. If you ever need to bring along a nanny for the dogs, you know who to call. :) Beautiful photos.


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