Friday, March 9, 2012

Freekibble Giveaway

I answered my daily Freekibble questions and they're also having a give-a-way --- 5,000 pieces of kibble to your favorite shelter if you win. To enter you have to send in a limerick, poem, rap, etc. with 50 words or less about the pets in your family.

I sent this:

Two little Schnauzers
yes they are
they run and play
and like rides in the car. 

Big boy Hanz
is whiney and needy
Little Bug got her name
'cuz she's nosey and speedy.

Because of them
I've made this rhyme
Oh how I love them
I'm glad they're mine. 

Silly, maybe even a little juvenile...I'm sure they will not choose the winners for content...hmmmmm, or will they? Well, either way, it'd be fun to be able to donate food to a shelter, the hard part would be choosing which one!

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