Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nantucket in February

Perusing the Nantucket pictures finally, and oh how far away it seems since being there. Time is funny like that. It was a relaxing, do nothing, eat, drink, read, watch movies and take walks on the beach week. 

The dogs loved it, too. 

It is the home of  Bella's parents that we were lucky enough to be invited to stay in. The house is about a 1/2 mile from the beach. We walked dirt roads in the dunes, threw balls in the field, walked the beach. They were all exhausted the rest of the day.

Bug had her nose to the ground, R. calls her his little Retriever 'cuz she's a tracker. She's usually good at a recall but her nose and mind were on one thing on this beach...I imagine it was the dog that had walked the sand with it's owner, a little bit before us. 

Bella stayed with us and then spent another 8 days back home here. She was so happy to have R. around to walk her and play with her, there in Nantucket and here at home. She lovvvvves him. 

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