Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whooooaa Black Beetle Bam-A-Wham

When I saw this beetle, I was amazed at the size, you know, the HUGE size! Then I put the tape up to it and found it's only an inch long...


  1. what did you do after the photo?
    scooch it onto some paper and put it outside?
    you don't strike me as a bug squisher

    1. Found it on my shed. I left it alone after getting up close and personal and checking it out. It was on my shed, which obviously needs a paint job. :(

  2. Looks like a Broadnecked root borer, the one to be on the look out for is the Asian Long Horn Beetle - that's a really bad one you're supposed to report to ones state natural resources department. I can tell you the Broadneck would not have survived being around Isaac or Martha, both who have developed an interesting kind of bug stalking/hunting behavior -almost cat like. Isaac had himself a grasshopper feast the other day, he was very pleased with himself wagging like he does, though I was a bit concerned.

    1. Hi John!

      Yes! the Asian Long Horn, beautiful beetle but a bad bug it is.

      That poor grasshopper, no contest for a hunting Schnauzer. My Little Bug has a tendency to go after the traveling staggering bees. She's a very smart girl with words and commands but not so bright sometimes with common sense. ;-)

      My neighbor has a black beetle that eats grass roots and does on a job on the lawn. I have seen a few here but I think the dogs eat them therefore, eliminating a dead lawn problem.


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