Thursday, August 23, 2012

Give A Man A Hammer...

Tell him the idea -- and voila!

R's oldest collected lightbulbs when we went to the Madaket Mall (a.k.a. the Nantucket transfer station) and gathered some lightbulbs hoping dad would be crafty with her. She had found this idea on the www. and was dying to make one. While the kids slept this morning, he got to work, wanting to surprise her for when she got up. The reaction? Two thumbs up.

Right now it's set into a small clear bowl to hold it upright, we're brainstorming to come up with a cool alternative made with found objects.


  1. Neat! Love creative kids and dads that foster that creativity!

    Hmmm what about a base made of white beach stones? Only white ones, will take a while to find enough!

  2. It would make for some nice table settings. I never would have thought of it.

  3. Neat indeed! And what is the beautiful flower?

    1. I do not know the name but will find out. Its from a flowering potted plant that was on the front porch.

    2. OK, got it -- It's called 'Durante'

    3. Thanks! I found a bunch of Duranta here:

    4. You're welcome!! thanks for the link.


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