Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bella and Junior Go Home

Yesterday, both Bella and Junior went to their new homes. Bella's new mom saw the sweetness that Bella had to offer and took on the commitment of Bella's lifetime of daily eye care.

She brought her dog Willow with her to meet Bella, pretty girl, Golden Retriever. Willow wasn't much interested in Bella, but she was VERY interested in each and every toy she could find. Willow was very good at obeying her Master's commands, so I saw a bright future for Bella. I do have to admit that Bella seems to be a bit aloof and training her might not come easily but Pamela assured me she will learn.

Junior went home to a family member's house of the original owner. He was missed so much that they took him into their home to live out the rest of his years and he will still be able to hang out with and get love from his mom.

He was a good boy and began showing his silly side the last few days here. He also showed me his BMOC attitude, too, when Bella the Black Lab came in to stay for a week. He let her know who he thought was boss, she showed him how big her teeth were. He got the message -- leave the big black dog alone, well, with an occasional testing now and again.

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  1. Nice to read some good news.
    I don't know why but suddenly all the shelters, both kill and no-kill are over-loaded in this area. The no-kill was on the news the other night showcasing all these great dogs and discounting the adoption fees and it breaks my heart. I wish people would go to shelters instead of buying puppies.


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