Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Wedding

Last Saturday, one of my closest friends married her man of the past 11 years. She asked me to make a "wedding -- this way" sign for the beginning of the path to the venue. After spilling the primer on my studio floor, I was able to get to work...

Lois is my thrifting co-hort, therapist-over-a-cup-of-coffee friend, we support each other, she's short, I'm tall, she's conservative/preppy, I'm hippy chic, she's a grown-up, I'm a grown child. We can depend on each other when in need (unless it's between the hours of 11pm and 8am then I'm to call someone else,) 'cuz she's zonked and will sleep through a bomb and we have a lot of laughs together.

Sooooo, knowing she has a sense of humor, as I was designing it, I was having fun with the words. She wanted something a little whimsical and said I could put just about anything I wanted on it...."within reason," she said. 

I thought this one was appropriate...

...she didn't agree.

I thought this one was even better, snarky and fun....
she laughed but I guess she wanted this to be a more serious matter -- go figure! 

So this is what she got, and she loved it...

I made it with all previously used materials. The sign is the back of a drawer, the pole is an old wooden broomstick, the paint was left over from various jobs I've done. 

It was a beautiful setting by the river. The 3pm lighting from the clouds starting to cover the sky made for a nice light, the breeze was coming in, the rain held off and the vows were spoken.

Lois preplanned for the possibility of cooler weather. On the back of every other chair was a Pashima shawl for the female guests in case they got cool, and we got to keep them. What a nice touch. 

It was a small gathering of their closest friends and family. I've known Lois for only about 3 years, maybe not even that long, I was honored to be included. 


  1. sounds like a lovely wedding.
    the Pashima shawl is a very cool touch.
    love your sign but I would have wanted the 1st one! hahaha!


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