Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roger -- The New Boy

Roger came in a few days ago. He was surrendered because he is not very good around toddlers. He is not mean, he just plays a bit rough. His Mom was very upset that she had to release him to us. She got in contact with me a few weeks back and I suggested some training methods and a couple books that I often recommend. She got right on it, determined to make it work. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. 

Roger will need a home where there is a lot of activity and play time. A couple long walks a day will do him well. He has a lot of energy to burn. He is a sweet boy and he and Bug play as soon as they get up in the morning. They've also had a few squabbles but I think they've finally worked out who is the more dominant canine. 

He is a beautiful boy and is very smart. These pictures from my phone don't do him justice.m


  1. poor Roger.
    I'm not good with toddlers either.

  2. Sharp looking guy! Looks like he has something else in him with that white patch on the chest and really long looking front legs.

  3. Nope, all Schnauzer. I bet part of the 'Black and Silver' gene got in there. He also has a soul patch of white at his cute.


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