Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello Otis

Otis has been with me for a couple weeks now. He's doing great. A mellow fellow....unless another dog enters the front door...then he becomes a very-intense-go-for-the-jugular protector. Fortunately, I had a grip on him. I was told by his former owner that he didn't like other dogs when leashed. He was fine from the get-go when he came into my house with my dogs. But, apparently, he doesn't like dogs he doesn't know, entering 'his' house. Immediately everyone went outside and he was fine. He still postured, but there wasn't the aggression. So, he needs some work in that area.

Otherwise, he's a sweety. When he's happy or when you rub his muzzle he makes this deep happy sound. I love it! He's been great here. Lounging about like he owns the place. Looks at me with those soft eyes. He's getting the 'Denise treatment' as difficult as that is for me 'cuz I just want to hug him. When it looks like he's trying to get something from me, he's ignored. If he's pawing at me, he's ignored. Not too much random love is bestowed upon him right now -- ignore. It sounds, sad, bad, like too much. It's incredible how much it actually GIVES to a dog with low confidence. Under that act of aggression is really a bit of insecurity. Hmmm, I know people like that. He's also getting some training with a lot of positive reward. He's a fast learner and gives me that sweet face looking for approval, each time.

Otis has been taking morning walks with R. and doing very well. R. told me that Otis goes to the kitchen where R. is and sits. He gets his harness put on and then he goes baserka with happiness that he's going on his morning walk. He just needs some love, understanding and exercise.

He's a Schnauzer Mix. I'm not sure with what but he looks like a very mini Wolf Hound. He's not good with children, too much of a little mate mentality. So, he might be here awhile. Needs work, no kids. Hmmmmmm, not too many people are looking for that kind of dog. Roger was similar in needs and it took four months to find the right home for him. But, it does happen when it's supposed to and it will happen and it will be perfect.


  1. Awwwwww. Maybe a mix but that is sure a schnauzer schaunze if I ever saw one.

    1. You know it! you should see the side view!


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