Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bye Bye My Lovelies

In a continued effort to clean out what I'm not using or that which takes up too much space -- I sold 19 of the vintage sewing machines I collected...and made a new 'vintage-sewing-machine-addicted' friend, Renato. We hit it off immediately. You know how it's just easy sometimes when you're around certain people? That's how it was. We chatted, shared dog stories, oohhed and aahhed over why we love metal and chrome in these small packages...

I wasn't as sad to see them go as I thought I would be. I was happy that they were going to Renato's because he had the same gleam in his eye when we were going through them, that I have when I see one for sale. I can safely say that he is more addicted than I am and that makes me happy. I do have to add, that although fixing these babies up comes third in line to his real paid work, it is a passion he has -- he spits and shines and sends them off to a new home. 

He sent me a picture of his collection.

This photo makes my heart go pitter patter. I can't wait to visit all these beauties. He's much more organized than me, he brought them home, tagged them, and put them in their rightful spot. Nice. 

Here are a few of the babies that went home with him...

They are better in person, and so much better when cleaned up and shiny.


  1. Ahh, you found a sewing machine whisperer. A very good friend to have, especially when you have the "fever" as bad as you do! That fever makes me look for machines in every thrift or every sale that I go to. Why? Because I can, obviously :->

    1. Ha Ha! you have your Steve (that's his name, right) and now I have my "Steve" LOL. Yey for me.

  2. I have an old sewing machine in the basement in it's original maple cabinet. I haven't used it in over 15 years. Perhaps I shouldn't be telling you

    1. You should show it to me...really...really really!


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