Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bye Bye Louie

Sweety boy Louie left tonight to go to his new home in New Hampshire. He'll be hanging out with about 150 goats...oh, and his human companions, too.

Louie learned to walk on wood floors while here, learned to walk on tile floors at a friend's house, and was getting a tiny bit more comfortable on car rides. He wasn't interested in wandering too far from my sight, and returned with a call. He's one of those dogs that is just JOY.

He greeted women like they were his long lost loves. He will love being with his new main companion, a gentle and kind woman that will take such good care of him and when she's not available, her sweet daughter will fill in.

Bye bye Louie, you are an awesome boy that it was a pleasure taking care of. 

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