Friday, August 2, 2013

Little Bug and Lyme

Tuesday afternoon Bug had been holding up her left leg while walking around. Wednesday morning, more of the same, and very little activity. Wednesday afternoon, I carried her outside to do her duties, she did try to walk a little, but it was using her front legs, both legs were now not working. She'd end up just plopping down as her legs gave out. She'd look at me with that cute little face as if to say, "Mommy, I can't do it." I carried her inside and made her comfortable. Yesterday morning, she wouldn't even pee, even with my help of holding her up. I called the vet for an appointment. 

This was her in the morning until about noon...

then I took her out again and she did her duties and walked a few steps, wobbling and using mostly her front legs -- and she plopped down again. 

Around here I give a two day 'let's wait and see' before calling the vet, but she was getting worse not better. Since it started in the legs, I thought "maybe it's Lyme." I called, Angela, she said, "maybe it's Lyme" (after we decided it wasn't a luxating patella, a pulled muscle, or an upset belly.) I texted Shelly, "sounds like Lyme." The vet appointment was for 3:15. 

Lyme and Anaplasmosis, two tick borne diseases. 

I learned a few things, too, in talking to the vet, which I'll put in a 'Did You Know' post, because I didn't know. 

She's on meds for 4 weeks...and very little activity. 

This is her today...immobile but alert.

She walked a little last night, but this morning, it wasn't happening. Her spirit is better and her face is brighter. My Little Bug will be OK...and, now, so will my heart. 

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  1. Sorry to hear, I know its no fun for Bug and vector borne disease is on the rise in the North East as the climate gets warmer in the summer months. Martha had a red circle on her side that had a tick head lightly embedded last Friday. Though she and Isaac are treated for ticks, mosquitos, worms etc, etc we're watching her, so far she's definitely not lethargic.

    Kati, Kelen and I have all had the tick vaccine (not on the market in US currently) in Hungary since Mane has bumper crop of ticks especially deer ticks.


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