Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Gift, A Gift, A Very Cutie Gift

Finally!! I'm telling you about my Schnauzer gift. I meant to post many weeks ago after receiving it, but busy-ness and laziness got in the way.

Look at this little guy!!

The sweet and talented Suzy from GeorgiaPeachez sent this to me. She said while thrifting one day she came across it and knew it had to go home with her, to be sent to me. How nice is that? To be in someone's thoughts that you've never personally met and only know through blogging. 

The funny thing was (and still is) is that I had (and still have) a small collection of things on my desk that are meant for her. When I received her email asking for my mailing location, it couldn't have been timed better because I needed hers, too. The difference? She is not a procrastinator and sent it out immediately. Me? Wellllllllll..... 

...but I do have an excuse, I'm going through some more stuff and the pile is getting a little bigger. Plus, I had work and the 5 weeks of vacation that got in the way, and, and, and....

Thank you Suzy!! He's an adorable addition to my Dog/Schnauzer collection. 


  1. Even though we haven't met, we have that schnauzer connection. Oh, and that vintage sewing machine thing too :->
    I admire all that you do for those little ones that need help. I think that's pretty damn extraordinary.

    1. and thrifting gene, designing/making things gene...

      and thank you for the kind words...blush


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