Friday, December 27, 2013

A Christmas Miracle, Otis Goes To His New Home

Otis has found his forever home, and what a lucky boy he is.

Yesterday at 1:30 I received a phone call, "Hi, I'm interested in Otis." At first, I felt elated, then I worried it wouldn't be the right fit, but as I talk with Derek, it feels right. I could hear his fiance in the background, "oooohhhh, I want Otis." They were serious -- they asked if they could come down from Massachusetts in a few hours. Just before hanging up, knowing they'd be coming to meet Otis, I could hear Kellie in the background squeal with delight.

How awesome is that??

They showed up at 6pm. Otis greeted them heartily, he was so happy to see them. They sat down, he was right up on their laps. He would come over to me now and again if I moved or went into the other room, he's very bonded with me, but I knew it was right. He knew it was right. This couple is so sweet. Derek is this big hulking guy with the sweetest disposition, a very soft heart. He fell in love immediately and knew he wanted to take Otis home. Kelly was quieter, but so sure, too, that he was the one.

I thought he might end up with me forever, but in my heart, I knew I just had to be patient. I was just worried because the longer he was with me, the more attached he would become and might have had difficulty transitioning to a new life. He was surrendered to rescue when he was one and half years old, then adopted, then surrendered to us again at 3 1/2 years old, then he was with me for 10 months...He's bounced around. You know what, though? It didn't effect his spirit. He is such an awesome boy. I will miss his happy growly sounds, when his face is in my hands or in a blanket or towel. I will miss him jumping up on the bed in the morning after R. has gotten up and I continue to lay there. I will miss him cuddling up to me when hanging out on the sofa or in R.'s 'man chair.' I will especially miss how he looked at me with such love and trust. We had our own mental connection.

But, I am sooooo happy for him.

Per the usual when an adopter goes home with a dog, I told Derek and Kellie that I would be in touch in about a week to see how things are going.

Derek called me this morning. He wanted me to know how perfect it was, that Otis fit right in, slept with them last night and that he just loves him. He knew I had him for a long time and that the attachment was there, he wanted me to know that all was good for each one of them. How sweet and considerate was that? The couple is going to be married in October, Derek asked if I would dog sit since Otis knows me and they don't really have anyone else to take him and they don't want to put him in a kennel. So, this is not the end of my relationship with Otis.

Now Little Bug is alone, and that concerns me a little. Hanzie and Otis gave her a sense of safety -- now she will have to learn to rely on her own strengths and self-soothing ways. I bet she'll end up relishing the single dog life.  


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