Thursday, February 20, 2014

Otis Update

Look at this happy boy...

I spoke with Otis's new dad recently to see how it was going with the new boy. They, of course, LOVE him, and Otis is acclimating well. Derek takes Otis to work with him, which is essentially his truck, as he does a lot of driving for his job. How great is that?

Derek told me Otis does loves to run around in the backyard -- which is a lot of yard we're talkin' here. They live with 14 acres behind them. Otis is kept within a certain range but I can just see him running around with that smile on his face.

I miss that guy. 


  1. Oh I LOVE a Happy Ending!
    yep, you did the right thing.

    1. Oh, you're funny. You had him living here forever!!! LOL


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