Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nantucket Quick Trip

Bye bye mainland....

Hello Nantucket...

Flying into Nantucket for a few days. Work related. Or maybe I should say, "work as an excuse to hang out in Nantucket for a few days." What we talked about for a minute or two is which rooms would get painted. Essentially the colors will change a little and since they trust my choices, I don't even have to look at color samples until I come back in April. Yes, this could have been done at home but Chuck and I felt it best we come to the house to make the decisions. wink wink.

My view in the sitting area as I peruse magazines.

It looks Nantucket-y doesn't it? The yellow walls will change a brighter yellow. 

Unfortunately, the 3 day trip was cut short due to the impending storm. We might not have been able to get back on Wednesday and pushing it into Thursday or Friday would throw Chuck's planned vacation day of leave for CA totally off. So we'll be heading out soon and probably get into CT right before the storm starts. 

This is one of those things where one will be pissed if it doesn't snow the expected inches, because we could have stayed for a couple more days of relaxin'. But, since I will be home, I don't really want it to snow a lot because it will mean shoveling a lot. Catch 22. 

The nice thing about snow storms is that there's no guilt in staying in and hanging out and doing what I like to do best...putz and maybe bake something.

I hope if you get bombarded, you are able to just chill, too. 

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