Sunday, August 23, 2009

Viking Hat Uncovered

I named it the Viking Hat, I don't know what the artist called it, if anything.

I'm continuing to go through things and putting aside that of which I do not want and pulling out and displaying that which I do. This is a definite DO! I love this headpiece. I won it in a silent auction years ago. It is made by a Hartford, CT artist, Irene Reed. She makes fabulous crochet items. I've admired her work for years and won this piece...the Art Gods were definitely on my side. It was made for the Hartford Library's Annual fundraiser at Halloween.

Irene just sits and crochets, it flows from her fingers with such ease, I have no idea how she gets the yarn to loop and chain and remain taught shaped. She explains it here. The link in the article may not show any of her work. Here is an image, I can't seem to find others to show, which is too bad, her purses are great.

Look at this work...the detail...

I love the skellie head atop the pumpkin.
Good stuff.

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