Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not lost, just couldn't be found

If you've been checking up on me, I've been away and since back, catching up with things. Five weeks on vacation...the best 5 weeks weather-wise of the whole summer. Oh, how the sun shone and the air was warm. 5 weeks you ask? oh, yes... Don't think it was all glamorous on an isolated island somewhere...only one week was like that, the rest was in the Mountains of the Berkshires prettying up a newly acquired camper and campsite. 

Who knew I'd ever be a camper? Actually, it's quite beautiful and only an hour and a half away from home so if for some reason you need to fly back for something, it's not too much of a problem...especially when we have the motorcycles with us. It's a beautiful ride on the bike. 

It's quite peaceful and relaxing and just far enough away so all those thoughts that go on in your head when you aren't home...about the house, work, etc....are gone. Even though we're working around the site, it's outside, the weather was great, and we all work as a team. Like on this....

Well, R. did the work, we just put a rock in now and again to fill up a space and help it's structure. He's been doing all the heavy lifting....and loves it. But, his girls and I are proving ourselves as wonderful assistants....and food makers. Hey, a man has to eat in order to keep working hard!

One week was spent on Nantucket, though. We visited with friend's there that own a home about a half mile from the beach. I've been there several times during the Winter months to do artwork on their walls, but this was the first time during the summer. They have such a wonderful feeling home and 3 of my traveling co-horts were instantly comfortable. The weather was absolutely perfect for us. We spent time on the beach and collected many seashells. We took early morning walks to the beach and saw 'Mr. Seal' bobbing his head up every once in awhile checking out to see if we were still there. We had wonderful dinners together at night and enjoyed reading and relaxing all day. Town Center can be a little crazy so we only ventured in for a few hours of window shopping and, of course, got an ice cream cone. Love ice cream. AND, we happen to be there the weekend of the Nantucket Demolition Derby. We watched 3 heats (I learned that that is what they are called) and it was kind of exciting. We all picked a car to win, I think it was that that made it exciting -- the competition -- well, for me anyway. Although, you couldn't really help but shout something out when you saw a good hit.

So, I'm back, getting back into the swing of meeting with clients, working on some jobs and the forever on-going task of house stuff. Maybe it will be done before I die -- I'm thinking there's a better chance it won't be -- and I don't plan on dying anytime soon.  

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  1. Hey,what a great looking camper!!!!!I just got home from there,actually site 93. finished closing..slides are in..wood piles are tarped.. it doesn't seem possible camping seaon is over.....we go to Mashpee next week with friends from Arizona. Hope the weather is not too cold. This blogging stuff is new to me.


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