Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grannie Square and Afghan-mania

I regularly check out a blog 'RetroRenovation' owned by Pam, it's a site I happened upon a few months ago and I love it! 
Here's why:
1. I love retro/vintage
2. Her site has a plethora of retro information for those re-doing their homes in that flavor
3. Her reader's comments give more stuff to consider
4. I love retro/vintage (oh, did I say that already?)
5. It's a very friendly welcoming site of sharing information

which brings me to why I'm talking about afghans...
Mainly Pam explores the interiors of homes of the 50's and 60's, but occasionally brings up the decor aspect. Grannie squares and afghans made their way to the site and got everyone excited remembering who grannie square-made ponchos, hats and afghans came from. (If you are interested, she's putting together a slide show of readers' pics. Go here to find out how you can join in the fun.)

I do wish I still had the GS hat mom made, it was quite silly and gave me the look of cat ears (which, I was regularly teased about) but it brings back memories of all the things she crocheted for me and how she taught me how to crochet. Wish I had the ponchos, too.

While she was sick, and before her passing, she was making a full-size bedspread made up of squares that had a wonderful pattern on them of popcorn stitch. She was making it out of the cotton thread/yarn....lots of work. She didn't finish it before she died so my Aunt (who's terrific at everything anyway) took it and finished it. My brother got it. I don't know how that happened, and now it no longer exists. Makes me sad to know how much she loved making it with the plan that it would go on her and dad's bed and she never got to enjoy the completion of it. Makes me sad that I didn't get it to keep and treasure and protect. 

Oh CRAP! how'd I get down that path?

anyway, I have an afghan she made for me, a huge grannie square. I took it out the other day. I always had remembered it being so big and when I took it out to take a picture to send to Pam, I laughed because it's not huge. 

It's funny how things stay with you from when you are a child and the size difference as you are taller and older.

I have no idea who made this afghan, someone in the family line on mom's side. It's not big, maybe it was made for a crib, a lap, or just to look nice on the back of a sofa. It's heavy, made out of wool.

and then there's this one I recently acquired, also made out of wool but the yarn is thinner, making it a lighter weight.

and then, although this is not crocheted but knitted instead...I've included it because my Memere made it and Pepere gave it to me shortly after she died along with some of her costume jewelry when I was 10.

This one looks great on my bed with the turquoise walls. I think it must have been a new knitting project for her because some of the stitching is not quite right. Doesn't matter, I'm glad I have it. 

Have a beautiful day, and pull out your handmade goodies and revel in the memories and wrap up in warmth. 


  1. What a nice post! Argggh, I need to get the granny square photos up!!

  2. yes you do...I'm sure you have lots of extra time to do it, too! LOL


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