Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Astro is now home

On Monday Astro and I took the drive to the Berkshires to his new home. Pam was very excited to have the little guy at the house. Astro wasn't so sure about what was going on and when taken outside, wasn't taking the hint that it was for him to pee. He was a bit confused over the whole thing. He just looked at us and shivered. We figured if we took him for a little walk he'd find other dog smells and have to mark his territory, or at least uncross his legs so that he wouldn't burst. Thank goodness we insisted because before long he found a spot and you would have thought he had drunk a gallon of water beforehand.

It wasn't too long, as Pam and I chatted, that Astro found his new toy and started batting it around and playing by himself...this was a good sign.

After awhile, family and friends came over and fawned all over him. He will be a very spoiled boy. Here he is hanging out on the sofa watching some TV -- with a side order of love and affection...

He was so mellow and relaxed he was actually falling asleep while sitting in this position, but trying hard not to, after all he might miss something really interesting!

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  1. Hey, Denise. That's my boy! He is doing great. Guess what? Yesterday he taught himself to climb up and down the stairs. One at a time, this time -- no jumping down a full flight in two leaps like Monday when you were here. He is very proud of himself for this major accomplishment, and we praise him wildly. We had our first walk around town. He got scared half way through and started shivering. I don't think it was the cold. I think he got scared. We met some neighbor dogs, too. He got along swell with two of them, but started to tussle with another. Meanwhile, we had a little accident in the dining room, but I caught him mid-leg, scolded him, and got him outside. Otherwise, the peeing and pooping is going grand. HOWEVER, he has major stinky gas! What is that all about? I think we fed him too much last night, trying to fatten him up. And I am betting he needs more exercise (but I have trying to take the outdoor walks slow, in order to let him get used to everything.) What do you thinks? STINKY! :)


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