Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lucy is engaging my Hanzie in play this morning, that's such a good sign. She's still afraid of me, but I see this as progress...and maybe she even had a slight smile on her face. ;-) Yeyyy.


  1. When we got our dog he would only only take two steps before he'd turn around and take two steps the other way. He'd spent his life in a cage and didn't know any better. Fortunately it didn't take long for him to adjust once someone showed him some kindness.

  2. Yes, Elaine, that's what it takes...kindness and patience, not pushing them to do something they aren't ready for. Lucy is roaming around the house a lot and when she comes near me, I stay and not make a move toward her but will put my hand down for her to smell. It will be a slow process but I'm hoping that with the engagement of play with Hanz, it will help make her more comfortable and trusting. She's not shaking as much when I hold her, little things that are positive signs.

    Good for you for having the desire to show your baby that life can be good.


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