Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Foster Dog

This was a very busy work week for me and I wasn't home a lot, of course, it's when I get a new foster in that is having gastrointestinal/constipation/stomach issues... Freddy...

Freddy came a few days ago and has made himself right at home. He was surrendered by his elderly owners because they could no longer handle him...Freddy was very possessive of his owners and apparently, the owners were never taught how to turn this they gave him to us. He is 4 years old and a very good boy.

He was getting tired of the whole camera thing and went to hide in his crate.

Notice his different Schnauzer color? It's called Liver. There are some breeders that breed for this color. He also has natural ears which is becoming more popular if the dog is born with a good ear set.

Freddy will be needing parents that are more alpha in nature, so that he isn't led to believe that he rules the roost. He actually will be more comfortable knowing that he doesn't have to take care of the family as he is very relaxed around here enjoying play, being outside and getting some good rubs. When people come into the house he is protective and barks and is very cautious, which is the cause for the barking, he's unsure of the "INTRUDERS!" until he calms down and gets some pets then things are pretty good in his head. People aren't out to get him after all. LOL

He's a bright boy and knows sit, paw and down. Typical of his breed, he loves to eat. I have also found out that he can be left with his crate open while I am away and he is very well behaved. I actually found this out by default, as I always crate, just in case.

Due to his bodily function issues, He's had to go out a lot with not always good results, but when he really has to go, he reallllllly has to go....and the first day he Houdini'd himself out of his crate. I got a nice present in the living room. On the second day, I secured his crate better, he pooped in it, ugh! On the third day I had an AHA! moment and I put him in the bathtub with some bedding but figured he'd have an area to go, too, and I wouldn't be cleaning it up off my floor. I closed the glass doors and left. Well, when I came home, guess who greeted me at the door (and left me another present)? Yup, Mr. Houdini. He wasn't having any of that bathtub stuff where it's lonely and cold. So, I've left him out knowing I'd come home to some squishy mess to clean up. Yesterday I left for 5 hours and no messes...the oatmeal must be working. I had started to give him oatmeal for bland stomach settling and soluable fiber...and I made a vet appointment, they will have the unpleasant task of expressing his glands as I could not they are so compacted and hard, and he would only tolerate so much. So tomorrow morning will be spent driving an hour to and an hour from Monson, MA, and waiting in the middle, at the vet. Well, we will see how well socialized he his outside of his home, the vet's office is always a good test.

The good thing about this travel? My  route takes me by this tiny thrift store where you fill a bag for $4 and I always find some good clothes to use as fabric, some good fabric and some good needlework things. Maybe I will score tomorrow. I only get there when I have to bring the dogs to Massachusetts. One time when I went I found some vintage clothes and the woman running it that day asked me if I'd like to go into the storage area because there were some more vintage clothes there. VERY NICE...I love it when they do that for me! I have another store that allows me in the back room where I can find lots of good vintage clothes to buy, or just oggle.

Well, getting a late start today. I slept in until 10, (I'm usually up around 5:30) I really needed the rest but now I've got lots to do...I think it will be bread making and chili making time....OH!! if you don't follow the Smitten Kitchen should, there's some really good stuff there and she linked to this very good looking chocolate bundt cake the other day...definitely on the list for this week. I'd be making it now except 1.) I don't have all the ingredients...and 2.) I don't have a bundt cake pan. hmph.


  1. Freddy is such a cute little cuddlebug! I am having some serious schnauzer dejavu. He reminds me of my last girl, my little Lulu. It's been a long time since I've had a schnauzer, but I'm feeling the love. xo, suzy

  2. Oh you are so kind! I wish I cold foster pups, I think my landlord would drop dead. Freddy is so sweet, you just want to love him up:) I am sure he will find a home pronto.

    Thank you for your support today on the Blahg, your comment was so appreciated!


    Miss B


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