Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 New Boys

A few days ago two new boys came in to my home (Frito and Fonzie) and brought a whirling energy of boyness with them! I've never had two get along so quickly. They came in one day apart and not too long after, starting wrestling, twirling, gnawing, humping and chasing each other...with sound....always right under foot or when I'm on the phone. If I try to go to another room or outside, they are right there with me! I've had to close the door between me and them so I could hear! LOL

So, we have Frito, Fonzie and my Hanzie...yeah, if I don't get tongue tied with that! Hanzie thinks I'm calling him when I'm calling Fonzie and vice versa...and Frito, I keep wanting to call him Bristol, Frito just doesn't roll off my tongue for him.

Look at Hanzie's face, think he's saying, 
"Mom? pleeeeeaaaaase make 'em stop"

Frito is a 1.5 year old that has been taught very little. He knows sit...if you have him on a leash. He came with longer hair that made him 'oh so cute' but there were clumps of matting throughout so he needed to have a shave. Normally I'll do this but he wanted no part of it, so off to the groomer's he went.

Frito before:

Frito after:

Pretty darn cute in his new 'do' and I think he knows it. He has a cute little trot when he walks and has a wonderful happy spirit about him. He will be visited tomorrow by a woman that is hoping he will be fine with her very alpha Giant Schnauzer, because if Elly doesn't like him, he stays here, plus, he has to show off some moves if he's got them because she wants to use him for agility...he balance himself on his hind legs and twirls for a treat, that's gotta win some points, no?

Fonzie is a 4.5 year old slim and trim, pensive thinking good looking boy.

He's been trained very well and is used to being home with his mom so there is a little separation anxiety going on when I am outside in the garden or am leaving...we have been working on it and he seems better. But, the lucky boy is being met tomorrow by a family where the mom works at home and loves to have her dog by her side in the house and outside the house while gardening, taking walks, etc. So, if they like each other, he'll be going to a home where he'll receive all the attention he wants -- with no other dogs to take the attention away from him.

He's a thinker and a bit of a worrier.....

Lucy will be very happy when they leave, their energy is too much for her, I think especially the carrying on when I leave the house. Since talking with the animal communicator a couple weeks ago, she hasn't eaten anything she's not supposed to and she hadn't shred anything. 2 days ago she started shredding and yesterday and today she started hoarding again...she's a little stressed I'd say and it's understandable because it's pretty darn quiet around here until you get some new blood and they happen to be of the excitable energetic type.

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