Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blind Dog Rescue

We've been researching blind dog rescues for a few weeks to see if we can place our 3 blind foster dogs in the care of experienced and blind only foster homes or groups. I contacted Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary a couple weeks ago. I had been informed that they were moving from Montana to NH and I anxiously kept an eye on their blog and noted the progress being made of transporting all equipment and animals. When they were just about completely here, I couldn't wait any longer and asked if they would be able to take our 3 dogs in. Anxiously, we waited for a reply. Unfortunately, it was not to be, there was no more room at the Inn.....ah, Ranch ;-)

It was disheartening but one of our foster moms, Kathy, diligently went about contacting any blind dog rescue that she could find information on. Yesterday, she heard back from Colleen Little, who is the Vice President and Adoption Coordinator for Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. She called from Nova Scotia. They have foster homes throughout the US and she is interested in taking the three girls, any blind dogs from shelters have first dibs, but she is interested. This is very good news as it opens up space for other foster dogs to come into our homes. The girls have been with us for 7 months and there will probably not be an adoption for any of them for quite some time. They need some continued socialization work and not many people want to adopt a dog with any medical issues.

This news made me happy and sad. See, I've grown a little attached to Miss Lucy over here (as she sits quietly on my lap as I type, hoping that she might get a little taste of the toast, fruit or yogurt she can smell.) I've seen her baby steps of progress. The fact that she is on my lap not trying to jump off from fear, or that she is not shaking huge in my book. I have seriously considered keeping her, and would have had her here permanently if no rescue or no person was interested in her. But now she may be moving along to her next mode of care. She's a sweet, quirky girl that can show a little attitude if you're an obnoxious foster dog getting too close. I know that if this comes to fruition, when I hand her over, I will not be able to stop myself from bawling my eyes out. I hate not having that emotional control.

As I sit here with Miss Lucy, I'm feeling tiny drips of fluid on my arm -- the poor girl is salivating!!! I just fed her, but being a typical Schnauzer, food is desired at any time, whether super hungry or totally full. OK, second set of eye drops have been administered, she was given some banana.....mmmmm, she can now nap in peace.

Now, to fill out the required forms to get this ball rolling....

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  1. Oh I hope this has a happy ending. I would love to adopt a blind doggy... I think it would be a wonderful experience.


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