Friday, June 25, 2010

PA Puppy Mills News Release

It is from one of these places that Lucy, Astro and two female siblings my SPR partner is fostering, came from. If you read the article and watch the Youtube video, it's the last sentence spoken by the newscaster that hits home with me.

Lucy and Astro are the first two puppy mill dogs I have cared for. Astro was fortunate in that he was not as scarred emotionally and I was able to adopt him out, but the new owner had some work to do to acclimate him to family life. My fear is that Lucy will not be able to recover from the emotional trauma...and that breaks my heart.

Read the news, watch the video, just to give yourself a little bit of information on how careless puppy mill owners are and how unfortunate it is for the dogs.


  1. Livia came from a puppy mill. She was to be bred but was too sick & thank god rescued in time. She has severe separation anxiety and her appetite is sketchy cuz she was hungry for sooo long. I can relate... they're real bastards that deserve to be shoved in a cage and left!

  2. My boy Astro is doing great. He is the love of my life, and I am so grateful to you, Denise. :)


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