Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene At Camp

When Irene came along, we stayed at camp. I think R. and I were the only two there, except the owners but they have a house. Call us crazy. Plus we had Little Bug, Hanz and Bella, who I often dog sit. There was a lot of this going on....

Then for variety, they moved to the sofa....

So Bug had to join in the comfort, although she's not looking real happy...

We survived, lost electricity for a couple hours and got some reading done. 

Two weeks later, one of my best friends couldn't keep it to himself anymore...he told me that he was mad at me for taking a risk like that. Isn't that sweet? I assured him we felt safe and yes, the camper could have had one of many trees drop on it but it didn't and we had already planned to stay the whole rest of the week so we didn't want to come home and wait it out. Turns out that at home electricity was lost for days and damage was done to trees and power lines. I think we faired better than many. Besides, I was with R. and if any survival techniques had to be employed, he's the guy you wanted to be with... 2nd Recon Marine... need I say more? 

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  1. Hi Denise!
    Glad to hear you got thru the hurricane safely - the dogs all look pretty cosy there! So cute, all together!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment, Logan is indeed veyr cuddly, a wonderful lap dog in the evening, in fact if not walking or chasing the cat he loves nothing better than to be cuddled and will fall asleep very happily on any lap!
    Have a great weekend Denise
    Gill xx


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