Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sangria and Ice Cream

I went to the dentist for an exam, ended up with a cavity being filled. In the way back lower molar. Difficult to get at, double dose of novocaine, still a little sore. Unexpected costs. Then I traveled an hour each way to pick up raw meat for the dogs, finding that it started to bleed as it started to thaw in the back of the wagon, trying to fit it all in the freezer that R. unexpectedly filled yesterday with raw meat, smelling gas and finding that the tank is leaking, Harley having Tourette's type of barking....It was a "Calgon take me away" kind of day. Time for a shot and a beer. 

The other day I was given a pre-made bottled of carbonated Sangria to try. So I popped it open. I'm not really inclined to chew food tonight so I knew I'd be having some ice cream, too. 

Then it hit me. 

Sangria with a couple scoops of strawberry ice cream. A 'root beer' float for adults. Yeyyyy....and yummy! You should try it.

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