Monday, September 26, 2011

Sewing Machines and Dare I Idiot

Or should I be nice and say "not cerebral?"

badged Famous full size -- picture is crap, it's a beautiful emerald green
badged Ambassador (a Japanese model with a Morse motor)
Singer 185J (a 3/4 machine)
I have recently pulled all of my sewing machines into the kitchen/dining room. OK, not all of them...6 are still in the garage, 3 of which are treadles with cabinets, one is a Patch machine treadle, a 201 head only and a 301 portable. And 3 are in the living room with cabinets, a 201 with stool, a G. Fox badged blue and white (I have a thing for the blue and whites) and a White, probably early 70's. I have a couple that I have to clean up to sell to a couple women I know, and I know I need to do the same with some others, so I figure if they are in front of me I will get on the ball. I really would like to display them but my house is very small and being able to do that is a pipe dream. Of course, I will be keeping a handful, but really, do I need them all here just because I went on a tangent of picking them up because I can't help myself and I fall in love (ok, love may be too strong a word) very very much IN LIKE with them? The portables aren't as bad to have around but the cabinets take up space. I thought I had 21 altogether...turns out I have 31. Ooops. Should I be letting you know this? I have a particular fondness for the Morse machines. Strong running, blue and white color combo, chrome.....mmmmmmm. I figure, I can't buy vintage cars, this is the next best thing. There are also a selection of Singers I am keeping and looking for, I would like to have the line of 201, 201k, 301 the mocha and the black, 401a and the 503 which had been nicknamed the Rocketeer. It's a 'George Jetson' looking machine that is pretty cool. I have a 201, and a 301 mocha short bed and long bed. I like the black of the 301's but so do a lot of other people. The 401a has the cams and the 501 I don't see a lot of them for sale. But if I put it out into the Universe....

So that's the sewing machine part.

Here comes the idiot part...

I was perusing Craigslist as far out as the 90 miles. Yes, I was looking to see what sewing machines were for sale, I'm an addict, what can I say? I found an ad from someone that is looking to buy vintage Singers, which I have a few of that I'm not keeping, so I thought I hit the jackpot. 

I responded to this ad --


this was the conversation (and I quote as it was written):


from what year to what year are you looking for? what kind of condition? 
I have collected a few and I'm starting to go through them to see which ones I don't want to keep.
Do you travel? I am in the Hartford area of CT.
If you do, I would send you pics first to see if you were interested before you make a trip.


the 221 .301 . and fancy table table tops . not floore models

which ones do you find are the fancy ones? I'm assuming by table tops you mean portables?
what kind of condition? do you fix/clean them up for resale?

yes nice designs

OK, REEEEEAALYYY? what the f@&# kind of answer is that????
Needless to say, I won't be calling her.

I sent this to my friend Angela. She was laughing so hard she almost pee'd her pants! 


  1. Perhaps she is a Tourettes emailer :)

  2. Found you by googling ambassador sewing machines. I just purchased one that looks exactly like the photo of yours above. I found it while browsing one of those antique "malls" outside of Keene, NH, with a stall for each seller. I'd never heard of them and am trying to learn more about them. (Hence the Googing.) What can you tell me about it? And did I do okay paying $30 (includes case, manual and a box of accessories).

  3. Jillaine, shoot me an email, ( I tried to reply to your AOL account via your website but it was returned to me.


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