Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee Table-Scape

This set up changed every once in awhile when new colors were being mixed for the walls, but essentially, this is what it has looked like for about a month and a half. What I thought would be a 'quick weekend' of work, wasn't so, and I wasn't about to pick all this up each day (there's more you don't even see.) It was a few hours here, a few hours there, and a lot of hours in between that had to be put toward life and couldn't be put toward art on the walls.

I am happy to say that the coffee table now looks like it's supposed to, the wood pile is where it's supposed to be against the wall and not against the bookshelves, the sofa is pushed back to where it belongs. Other miscellaneous 'stuff' that has gathered has been picked up and my mind is remarkably clearer. The walls are done!! I'll show you tomorrow when I can get in some good pictures.


  1. It's tomorrow. Where's the pics?

    LOL! if you added a bunch of little dog food samples and threw in some empty plastic 2 liter pop bottles waiting to go to the recycling would look like my kitchen table!

  2. Just in case any of us were wondering just how much stuff it takes to have the lovely results on the walls, this is a good illustration of it. And, it's a cool picture too.


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