Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Living Room Walls

Hey Cindi!! you silly girl, it's late, but they are here...

I went around once completely painting the design, brush washing the background and inside the leaves after drawing out the lines. It wasn't bright enough, so some more mixing of colors was done to change them a bit and around I went again. Oh, it took about 40 hours total and that doesn't include the base coat as I started with the blue that was there. I only did three walls, the fourth wall has a bookcase on it and I wasn't in the mood to take all the books off to move it out of the way. Eventually, when I create a new bookshelf system, that wall will be painted with the color wash background and the dots. Not much of the wall will really show, as it is a dividing wall the intention is for a bookcase to take up most of it.

I painted the board that's the back of the wood rack to match the walls.

The walls were this blue.... 
(this picture is from a few years back when the room was transitioning)

Then the outlines....

The top photo shows the correct color combination. It was hard getting some good color in the pictures.

I freshened up all the trim with a nice white I found I like from Sherwinn Williams. My front window sills show signs of dogs excited to see what's outside. Instead of trying to smooth out the scratches I decided to look at them as the signatures of those that had taken temporary residence with me. 

Now, onto window treatments and hanging things on the walls. I'm still contemplating the whole sofa thing. ugh. 


  1. ok...DEFINITELY worth the wait!
    love love love it!

  2. Thank you Angela.
    Cindi? -- glad you love it 3 times!

  3. hello love the walls is that a reverse roll blind/shade i see in one pic and if so how was that done? Camille

  4. Anon -- that is actually a flat curtain panel I made to hang exactly within the frame of the window, it's hung by a tension rod.


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