Friday, December 23, 2011

See Ya Harley

Harley had visitors today. As soon as Michael sat down Harley was right there by his side. He's a little turd...wanted nothing to do with me from that moment forward. I've seen it before, I can't take it personally. He knew what they were here for...HIM!! and he was making sure that they meant it. 

Harley will now reside in New Hampshire with two dads and a cutie girl Schnauzer named Abby. He will go camping on the weekends in the summer, apparently to a sort of 'dog sanctuary' camping area of 100 acres, people and their dogs. He'll be in heaven. This couple doesn't care about his ability to use his vocal cords, Abby is vocal, too, and they don't mind it at all. Abby goes everywhere with them, and now Harley will enjoy the same, which I know he will be thrilled with. 

It was so funny, it was a few minutes before leaving and Harley kept running to the door as if to say, "hey guys! let's go!!" His mind was made up and he was outta here!

He was here for 4+  months, I thought for sure I'd be teary when he left, but he was so ready to go, how could I have any sadness? He'll do great and be so thrilled to get the spoiling he feels he deserves. 

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