Monday, June 18, 2012

The Grass Is Not Greener....

Just different.

a couple posts ago my blogger friend Cindi left me a comment, "I think I want your life. Or maybe the grass just looks greener. Over here it's just a lot of crap and only half of it is dog crap."

Well, Cindi, this story is especially for you, because the grass is not greener, and here's the proof.

(and if anyone else is reading and is sensitive to the unpleasant side of dogs, you might want to skip this read)

Last week was a full week of work and regular life. The plan for the weekend was for me to leave early Friday morning with R.'s two girls and have a girls weekend at camp while R. went riding off to Laconia, NH with some friends to catch the end of the bike rally.

Thursday I worked and was running around getting things packed, and went to family dinner at R's mom's house. I still had to grocery shop for the weekend so I did that on the way home, entering my house at the very loud and foul odor of dog shit. It permeated my 800sf house. I could not find where it could possibly be, that's how strong the odor was in EACH room. The question was, which of the three dogs was the offender. I entered my office where I had crated Hanzie and there it was...all of it's diarrhea goodness....with him, in his crate. Fortunately, Hanzie is so conscientious of his den that he tucked it all into the toweling used for his bedding and sat at the front of the crate looking at me like "get me out of here please, I didn't mean it."

I can't react toward him, but the stress was building up since I wanted to be in bed by 10pm because it would be an early morning start for the girl adventure. Taking the towels out and throwing them into the laundry is really not a big deal, it's not like I haven't had to do it before. The big deal is that his crate is on top of another crate and both crates are tucked into a small closet. If you've ever had a dog take a dump in it's wire crate, you probably know that it doesn't all stay within the crate. So both crates got pulled out, got washed, the closet floor got cleaned up -- thankfully of only a small mess.

As everything was getting washed and disinfected the dogs were in and out a couple times. I was finally able to put the groceries away and prepare some food for the weekend. Obviously, I didn't make it to bed for 10pm.

At about 10:30 I'm getting pretty much everything buttoned up and I let Hanzie out again. At 10:38 he comes back in, and like normal, hops up onto the sofa, the vintage one, the one with velour fabric, the one that I decided I'd try to keep without a cover on the seats....

....and pukes watery shit smelling spew onto one full cushion and a back cushion.


I did lose it a little, swear words projected from my own mouth, even though I know it's not his fault that something terrible is going on inside him but I was tired and getting stressed trying to get everything done. I scrambled to clean up what I could with towels and was forced to pull from the garage, the big guns....the shampooer/upholstery cleaner. I went over that sucker 4 times. Then I figured, since I had it out, I might as well clean the other cushion, too, and what the hell, the man chair has been getting a lot of use by Howie, so why not do that real quick even though I did EACH piece of furniture TWO WEEKS AGO!


I got to bed around 1am.

All three dogs continued to have bouts of diarrhea through the weekend.

So, you feel better now?


oh oh wait Cindi, there's more! On the way home from camp, Hanzie and Bug are in the crate and guess what? Yup, very smelly pooping episodes in the crate, attached to the crate, outside of the Bug.

Now are you happy? LOL


  1. This was a perfect poo report, you know how we love those. Hope they are done with it, what ever it is.

  2. Oh Denise, so glad I chose to read this while enjoying my mid morning

  3. Hahahahahaha! OK, maybe I'm not "Happy"
    but it does make me feel a BIT less envious.
    I was reading blogs this weekend, after coming home from work and dealing with all the office politics crap and then the boarding kennel was at FULL capacity with pooping dogs and it's been so Hot...and then I come home to my own "gang" and wished I could just escape for awhile. Maybe buzz around on a jet boat on a clean lake and eat smores around a campfire and...then go drive to a nice hotel and go to sleep in nice crisp sheets and....

    anyway - YOU are the only person I can rip on who knows I'm just kidding.
    BUT you did paint a pretty picture!
    YES! I do feel better in some sick evil way!
    And I don't REALLY hate you.
    And I hope your furry kids are feeling better.
    Gotta go now, and scoop the poop off the patio.
    XOXOXO - Cindi

    1. I thought that might make you feel a bit better. :)

  4. I feel awful for those dogs of yours. I hope they feel better soon. Anyways, I think it is human nature to be dissatisfied all the time always thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. That's mostly what the case is.

  5. Funny thing is, they still had so much energy. As of today, things do seem to be back to normal.

    As far as green grass goes, it's a process of making our own green grass and accepting and loving just what we have, not what we don't have.

  6. ok, OK!
    I'm happy most of the time.
    Or at least part of the time.
    I mean...
    I'm not unhappy ALL the time.
    But somedays.....
    anyway, I actually really truly do NOT have any grass. I dug it ALL up a few years back.
    It's now all FLOWERS!
    and I'm Happy about THAT.


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