Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hammered Aluminum Love

I love me some hammered aluminum. It's one of the things I like to collect. Yeah, what isn't you ask? Wellllllll, I don't collect Hummels (does anyone still collect them?)


When I opened my email from GadgetSponge this morning, HORRORS! but what did I see? An aluminum platter made into a bird feeder. Lucky birds. I've seen other pieces where he has used this material as part of his design and I'm always a little hurt that he would do such a thing. Maybe under all that seed it's really scratched up which would make it less desirable for anyone to own and use. Yeah, that's what I'll think, he just uses beat up pieces. But, alas, I know the truth. I'll just have to hoard all that I can find in my neck of the woods. 

Ha Ha -- kidding. 

Yes, really I am.


Happy Sunday!! 

No healthy smoothie for me this morning (yet) I'm starting it off with a cafe mocha. Chocolatey coffee whipped cream sugary delight....on an empty stomach...what the heck, I can, it's Sunday. Of course, I'll have a sugar caffeine crash in about a half hour. LOL

Like I said, "Happy Sunday!" The sun is out, the wind is not blowing and it might even make it to 40 degrees today. 


  1. Love the hammered aluminum. I also love hammered silver jewelry and don't have nearly enough of it.

    Happy Sunday! The cafe mocha sounds infinitely better to me. Enjoy the day-supposedly this is the end of spring like weather for the forseeable future.

    1. I will keep you in mind if I come across hammered jewelry. I love shopping or others, it keeps it out of my house but feeds my need to 'find.'

  2. makes me suddenly remember the aluminum tumblers that we used to drink out of as kids.
    I loved the gorgeous colors, so rich and vibrant. I always wanted the blue one.
    My sister says that they probably have given us future dementia. That's why she doesn't use regular antiperspirant but rather a crystal.
    Yep, she will be a stinky old woman with a clear mind and I won't know who I am but I'll smell pretty.
    so wth is this comment about?
    um....don't lick your platters.
    (i'd love to see what's stacked in your basement. I bet you don't have 16 metal mailboxes.)

    1. no, I do not have mailboxes but I have about 30 vintage suitcases. I recently took the almost 30? I lost count, vintage sewing machines out of my basement. OK, MOST of them...but now they are in my garage. :( But, they are slowly moving themselves to new homes. :)

  3. I'm glad you didn't look too closely around our house, or unpack the boxes I'll never open from when we downsized, because we have TWO TONS of hammered metal objects. Dave grew up near Wendell August forge, in Grove City, PA, and they've been hammering stuff for a million years..... and so his mom and other relatives had been receiving Wendell August items for a million years. And, now I have a million of them, some very old, all very beautiful.

    And, no, you cannot have them, because most are packed in the attic. When I kick the bucket you can get them from Paul and Anna. LOL.

    1. Know what Angela? you are just no fun!! Oh, how I'd love to rummage through your attic. You really should do it now, Anna and Paul will just throw your stuff away. At least I'll cherish it! LOL


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