Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Trade, A Swap, A Cat , A Dog

A long while back, I saw this little guy on my blogger friend Cindi's Flickr page and had to have him.

I asked if she'd be interested in a trade. She said, 'yes' without even knowing or asking what she was getting in return. I told her she didn't have to send it out right away because what I wanted to send her I hadn't made, yet. As you may know if you've been hanging around here awhile....I procrastinate. I knew the subject matter I wanted to use, just wasn't sure of the medium, so, of course, I had to wait until the stars aligned just right before I started. Those stars took a damn long time.

She sent her little paper mache kitty out right away.

Then, she patiently waited -- so long that I've lost count of the months. Bad me. Bad. Bad. Bad.

But, alas, I finally decided on the medium and I finally finished the project and I finally sent it.

An embroidered portrait of her dog, Blue.

Made out of already used or old materials. The frame was a thrift store find that I painted, the background fabric was from a shirt, the white fabric from a shirt, the embroidery floss - vintage - from my mom's stash from the 70s. 

and for a little size perspective....

She received it. She loved it. I love that she loved it.

End of story.

Hope you've had a great day!!!


  1. WOW! You could SO MAKE MONEY making and selling those dog portraits! Are you planning to?

    1. Thanks Pam!
      I was thinking I might like to...should I start with Astro? hee hee

  2. I am OVER THE MOON in LOVE with it.
    and of course I loved that you used blue for the background of BLUE.
    Well worth the wait.
    But to be honest, I procrastinate just as much.
    I'm lucky that the cat was already made or you would still be waiting for HIM!
    Thank you again Denise. You made be so HAPPY.
    and made my otherwise icky day WONDERFUL.

    1. Well I guess I got lucky then!

      I painted the frame blue, too, but ended up not liking it very much, but I showed R. and he said, why is there so much blue? and I said, "because this is a portrait of Cindi's dog - Blue." He got it after that explanation.


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