Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lucy Goes Home

Little Lucy had visitors today and they took her with them when they left. She will now reside in Maine and have a 4.5 lb. Yorkie sibling named Muffy.

I know she will be fine. She will acclimate and see her new owners as her safe keepers. She was just starting to show her personality and spunk. She looked at me as her safety zone. She didn't even go near the visitors until I handed her over and she looked at me like, "what the f? what are you doing? I'm not going with this guy!" It broke my heart seeing that scared look on her face. 99% of the time, the foster dogs are out the door and they don't look back. Then there's that one percent that looks at you with pleading eyes. I know she will be fine, it's a very very nice family, so I keep telling myself this. She didn't want to be left here when she was dropped off and she wouldn't come near me for a week. She will be fine. Really, she will, they always are. But that little face looking at me like's embedded in my mind. I must focus on these pictures...

because it pains me and brings tears to my eyes if I don't. Actually, I get teary looking at the pictures, too. I think I got a little attached to her. Protective.

When I told R. this story, of course I teared up, and, of course he said, "you are not doing this anymore if it effects you like this." yeah, OK, whatever you say Mr. Man. He knew he was talking out loud for nothing. :)

I will go through this again when Roger goes. He's become a part of us. Well, that's if he ever gets adopted. Not quite sure why it's not happened yet, he's a great dog. 


  1. There's always a home in Maine for another black Schanuzer, people must not realize just how excellent temperament back Schanuzers are. Now that we have met a few (somewhat rare) at the dog park, we know black Schnauzers in particular are all very gregarious!

    1. Hey John,
      you saying you want a third dog? LOL wink wink

      Tell all your friends. He needs a leader, but he hops and has so much joy. His only drawback is a tendency toward toy ownership aggression and he'll grumble at another dog if they come to his food dish....OK, he'll fight, too, Little Bug tested him on this. :)


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