Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello Tammy

I don't see you I don't see you I don't see you I don't see you I'm not looking I'm not looking I'm not looking I'm not looking You can't see me I'm not here You can't see me I'm not here You can't I'm not

She's shy. 

The other's are hovering. They know she's not feeling strong right now, she's put herself in a corner for protection. 

Tammy's owner died at the age of 85 in August. She fell and hit her head. I say it all the time...the Universe works in mysterious ways. The woman was a strong German with lots of life left. She 'willed' Tammy to her lifetime neighbor, Roxanne, who told me that she certainly expected the owner to outlive Tammy. 

Tammy isn't always quiet and held back, she constantly barked at Roxanne's male American Staffordshire (aka Pit Bull) he put up with it over and over again until he had enough and let her know it...and that's when Roxanne called me. Tammy was stressed out, followed Roxanne around, hid in the closet if Roxanne wasn't home. She was used to a quiet gentle home. Roxanne has 6 small dogs and a female American Staffordshire as well as the male. Too much for this sweet girl to handle. Roxanne did the best she could for her, but it wasn't enough to make Tammy feel comfortable and safe. 

So, she is here. She will get used to it. I introduced the other dogs to her one at a time because I knew it would be too much if they all started sniffing her at once. Some dogs have the personality to handle it and sniff back or run off. She just curled into herself and turned her eyes. She was making it clear she was not looking for trouble. Roger, being the BMOC (or he thinks he is) really was not sure about inviting her into the fold. Eventually he backed off. Then it was Bug's turn. She didn't act too bossy around her and did a quick smell test and went off to run outside. Hanz? well, Hanz is a delicate boy, unless pushed to the limit, and he did a quick sniff after everyone was done and he just wanted to be back on the sofa. 

When I met Tammy with Roxanne in front of PetSmart, Tammy was talking up a storm. She seemed confidant and strong but I think it was nervous behavior. After we said goodbye to Roxanne, we went shopping. She was such a good girl. She didn't bark at a human or a dog that crossed her path. She stood gently for a little girl to pet her, although she wasn't feeling so sure about it. 

The little girl was probably around 6 years old. Her mom was teaching her to ask if the dog could be pet before going right to the dog. I always take this opportunity to teach children how to approach a dog. She seemed uncomfortable that her mom was telling her to ask, so I quickly added to it and explained why her mom was saying that. I come across kids all the time that run right up to a dog because it's so cute and they want to say hi. Often times they own a dog themselves...usually a very gentle they don't realize that other dogs aren't necessarily as friendly when approached in such a manner. It causes a lot of anxiety for my Bug but Hanz eats it up. So I explained to the little cutie that if the owner says it's OK then she should offer her hand low so the dog can sniff it. Then gently pet the underside of the jaw. I explained to her that going to pet from the top of the head is threatening to dogs and is a trust thing. She was so cute...listening to me, gently touching Tammy, and then walking away saying, "bye doggy, I love you."

Cute or what????

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