Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Landscape and Flowering Trees

The expanse of space between where I was standing and the mountains just cannot be conveyed in a photo, but looking at this picture I took takes me back to my walk and the peace and the quiet that was in the 'hood.

As I was rounding a bend, I was receiving a soft floral scent in my nose. As I got closer, this tree had these blooms that were a beautiful deep pink color and the scent was so yummy, I stood there for a few minutes and took deep breaths, hoping I could embed the scent in my nostrils and my brain. 

I am not only a lover of flowers, especially scented ones, I am a big fan of plants that have interesting leaves to them, even if they never produce flowers. This tree not only had the gorgeous scent but also had these interesting leaves. 

I also met on my walk a black Mini Schnauzer named Jorgenson. I wish I had snapped a photo. He was friendly and interested in some love from me, until another walker came by that he apparently knew and then I was not thought of again as he went to that guy for some love. 

Tonight I sat outside on the patio with Chuck and enjoyed the warm breeze and setting sun. Although the mountains hide the sunset, the sky turned a silvery grey as the sun went down. 

Unfortunately, my days are numbered here and I will be returning home where I understand it is still near freezing temps, although they will have a heat wave at 40 degrees for a couple of the next coming days. Wooo Hoooo. 

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