Monday, March 24, 2014

Rocking Chair -- Before and After

This grungy, smelly rocker needed refinishing and reupholstering, a client I did work for about 10 years ago, called me and asked me to work my magic. I love it when former client's hang onto my number and were so pleased with work done before that they want to use me again. It's the nicest compliment.

Because my real studio in the basement is a total catastrophe, the rocker was put on the table...literally...the kitchen table. When I was finished sanding the wood down and applying the stain, it moved to my coffee table for multiple coats of poly and steel wool burnishing. Yup, that's how things work around here. My whole house is the studio.

I ordered some fabric from England off of eBay. I love the internet. It's perfect for those of us who don't like traipsing around in search of something, and that also do not like the over-stimulation of things and people -- which seems to feel even more harassing when in search for something. Add store music to the overload and I need a nap when all is said and done.

So, fortunately, for me, Donna liked one of the internet fabric choices. I just crossed my fingers that it was a good fabric once in hand. There was no sending it back, the shipping cost as much as the fabric did.

When the chair was ready, off it went to the upholsterer's. That is something I leave to the real professionals. Upon it's return, the upholsterer (Mary) commented on how nice the fabric was. Whew! Mary has been doing this work for 25+ years, so she's a pretty good judge of such things.

I delivered the chair, crossing fingers that I did not bang it, get dirt on it, etc. Crossing more fingers that Donna would be happy with the results. She loved it. Yayyy. Another satisfied customer.


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